What You need to know about Antiques

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What you need to know about antiques
We’re bombarded with television programs pitching what you need to know about antiques.
Whether it’s a show about a pawn shop dealing in unusual antiques or an appraisal show for those with antiques at home. The antique world is giving some love to those who love their antiques.

Does it give you a buzz when you see a mint condition toy that could be possibly decades-old? Maybe you feel that owning something like that will give you back something nostalgic.

Are you just  a little amazed knowing that the first person to quite possibly ever hold this tin toy or utensil is long gone? And because you are now enjoying the same item you have forged a link across time.

I can relate.
And even though I still sell some of my antiques from time to time I hold on to many others. It’s no secret that most antique lovers will have to sell-off a few things here and there. We all need to find new space and turning over individual pieces occasionally accomplishes that.

But every once in a while something reaches you just a little deeper. It may feel almost mystical. Whatever it is you know it’s its something you feel a stronger connection to. You know it’s something you want to hold on to.

A very popular niche in antiques is old toys.
Specifically the toys first produced when mass production was just being realized. Another popular niche is the hand crafted toys that date back even further. When shopping for antique toys it can be helpful to have a price guide in hand.

Many unscrupulous sellers are hoping to gain profit due to a buyer’s lack of knowledge.
Watching programs, such as Antiques Roadshow, can help educate you as a buyer. For a few dollars you can purchase an antique toy pricing guide.

Ever wondered what you need to know about antiques?

This may help you develop a firm understanding of how to find a bargain.
If you happen to have kept a number of your childhood toys and are now ready to sell them, there can be a great deal of money to be made. It won’t take long to find a toy collector.

Do your research on selling antiques and their respective prices. You could be pleasantly surprised regarding their current values.

An example of a popular antique toy would be the once-common wooden rocking horse. Wooden rocking horses are widely available at online antique stores and often cost well over $1,000 if they are in good condition. Some wear is expected but as long as it’s complete this is a consistent market value.

Surprisingly antique toys sought after by collectors typically include marbles.
While marbles may not be on your collectables list they regularly sell for notable amounts. Just have a quick visit onto EBAY to find auctions in the hundreds of dollars for single marbles.

“I have to be honest, the marble prices were a surprise to me. At least until I studied up on why they were so collectible. I’ll cover marbles in a future article. They are a fascinating item”.

If antiques is your passion and you want to learn more the internet is a great resource for information. What you need to know about antiques can be acquired more readily now with the internet.

“But what you need to know about antiques goes even further.”

The antiques market has been growing at a phenomenal rate since the internet started to catch on. People are quite comfortable presenting and trading antiques, whether on Ebay or other auction sites. There is always room for more people and more items in this market.

Best of luck and collect well.


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