Start Blogging about your Collection

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Start Blogging about your Collection
If you’re like me you enjoy conversation about your hobby of collecting. You probably have an interest at least in reading about it or you wouldn’t be here.

So why not take it a step further? Why not start blogging about your collection?  Others would probably like to read about your stories too.

When I started out with this I had no idea that so many people would share my interest.

Collecting means many things to different people. If you ask 10 people what collecting means to them you may very well hear 11 answers…yes, 11.  It can mean something different to everyone and can sometimes mean more than just one thing.

Some of the conversations I’ve had about collecting included everything from stuffed exotic pets ( bizarre but true ) to bartering for war-time propaganda posters. If anything interesting exists somewhere, anywhere at all, chances are there are some people collecting it.

Collector’s stories have provided some of the most interesting reading I’ve experienced.
Many people can be closet collectors.

They prefer to collect under the radar. At first I was under the impression they were keeping a low-profile in order to find deals. Now I believe it could also mean that it happens to be very personal or simply private for some. They may want to enjoy it without any scrutiny or questions.

Think about your own situation and your personality. You may be living proof of that.

For those of you that are not actual collectors you may be thinking that collecting means baseball cards and souvenir spoons… well think again. While it can include those it’s so much more.

The truth is that all collecting can be categorized under a loosely defined range of topics. Each of those topics is further made up of several smaller niches – sometimes dozens of them.

Those niches can now splinter down into even smaller micro-niches. If you’ve been through my site you will see article topics 0n activities such as collecting stamps, coins or even guitars. Think of those as good examples of very broad collection terms.

A smaller niche could be one that focuses on a specific period in history or geographical location as well. For example, the term “coins” is broad. If you re-title it to something like, “American coins from the 1800s” now you have a smaller niche.

You could keep going.

This is where you could splinter off even a more specific topic to create a micro-niche. Let’s now include a person or group of people. For example, your new title could be something like this: “American coin collections – from the 1800s – owned by famous people”.

Further still: “Historically significant American gold coin collections – dated from the early 1800s – owned by famous Rock Stars of 1980s”…and so on.

Consider a ghost writer to start blogging about your collection.

That exercise was simply for the sake of an example but just the act of writing it out fully makes me want to Google it. I’m guessing you could probably come up with a few lead-ins yourself. If your looking for ideas on what to collect it’s a great way to generate ideas.

This is really a fascinating subject.

You could slice the categories a hundred ways into the most obscure micro-niches and still find someone else in the world that shares an interest in it.

Why am I bringing all this up? Well, as the title reads, start blogging about your collection – there is no shortage of interest when it comes to this activity. Collectors are some of the most fascinating people I’ve ever encountered.

Maybe you have had similar experiences. If you’re a collector that means, to someone out there in the world, you are fascinating too. I have come across some individuals that go above and beyond what I would consider routine collecting. I would love to read a formal study on the psyche of a serial collector.

So why not write about your own interest in collecting or in a particular collection. You’d definitely find an audience.
Nowadays it’s easier than ever to start a blog or website for any topic you may have in mind. This is something I have done several times over. There is nothing more satisfying than discovering an audience for something you have written.

Most writers will say finding topics is the toughest part of the equation for them. Most will talk of writer’s block. To that I say, as a collector you have much to write about. If you have an interesting collection you’re already ahead of the game. Collectors have some of the most fascinating stories imaginable.

You could start with where your interest in collecting began.

Was it a chance gift? Maybe you are following where one of your parents left off. What were the circumstances and who were the people that influenced you the most? Some people begin collecting as the result of a celebrity encounter. Collecting items surrounding the history of someone they admire.

“Hardest part when you start blogging about your collection is finding a lead-in”.

Or maybe you could write about your own journey as you built your collection. What hurdles were in your way. Where did you find the motivation to discover that prized piece in your collection.

Why not talk about the most obvious part of all – your collection itself? Does your collection represent a strategy or system for finding each piece. What was your first find? Your last? What is your favorite item?

Any future plans for your collection? Will it be passed on to family or traded and sold when the time is right?

Don’t let the idea of all the techy stuff stop you.

There has never been an easier time to set up a WordPress site. There are a ton of free website templates available from WordPress. You could also check out any one of the hosting provider’s websites. Don’t forget you will need a domain name before you do anything.

Get out a pen and paper and start to play around with domain name ideas. Keep in mind your search will not be easy. Great names are tough to find unless you have deep pockets. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I have 50 + domain names on reserve at any given time.

Don’t forget to check out domain auctions as well. I’ve bought several names as they were set to expire. The advantage to auctioned names is that they usually have some history which could mean Alexa ranking, Moz ranking or domain authority.

That may not mean much to you right now but believe me, it’s better to pay the cost for a mature name rather than to try and age one from ground-zero. Either way works but why waste the time? A mature name is always more responsive to SEO.

You will also need to set up your domain on a website.

Check out as many tutorials as you can find. Talk to others and read blogs. The sooner you get great information means the sooner you can get back to creating your own great content.

Another big plus for me is the customer service. I mentioned earlier that I only have limited experience – less than 2 years. I needed a hosting company that would respond quickly to any inquiries. I have to give my own hosting provider a ‘thumbs-up’ on all accounts. So what are you waiting for?

Isn’t it time to start blogging about your collection?

Best of luck and collect well.


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