7 Tips for Comic Book Collecting

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Comic Book Collecting

The long list of items that people collect nowadays can include items that are commonly known as well as those items almost unheard of. To give you an idea of what’s common think in terms of coins, stamps, lighters and pocket knives. Items one might use on a daily basis.

Even among those more day-to-day common items there are choices that rise to the top in popularity. Comic books are a good example. And when it comes to comic book collecting the sky really is the limit.

Comic book collecting first gained momentum during the 1960s.
While all collectibles are at the mercy of the market’s ebb and flow comics have continued to grow in popularity. This continued growth over the years has driven the quality and the prices paid for comics continually higher.

True enthusiasts might remember a particular comic. It was the story of the Yellow Kid in Hogans Alley. It was published in two leading newspapers in 1895. Now considered to be the first ever comic strip in history. Since then comic characters have continued to rise from the creative minds of writers and talented illustrators.

Comic book collections grew mostly through trading and shows.
And those growth vehicles were fuelled by the relatively still low costs and availability. Comic books were affordable for everyone.

Some individuals took their collections to even greater heights. They would amass hundreds of issues over the years – sometimes duplicate copies of the same issue. While most people collected for the sheer enjoyment some others began to realize the potential for gain. This occurred after newspapers naturally began to feature stories on comic book collecting and their economic values.

However many collectors were still misguided on what was appropriate to collect. Whether you collect for fun or for profit there are some points you may wish to consider.
Read on for 7 tips for comic book collecting.

1. Pick a comic book title that interests you and start your collection from there.

Picking the comic book to collect is crucial. Good comic book titles are associated with popularity. For novice collectors a good place to start would be with titles from DC Comics and Marvel Comics. These are the two largest comic book publishers.

A collector may also view magazine lists such as the Wizard Magazine for the 100 best-selling comic books. Do not stick to one comic book title.

Most will agree comic book collecting is not just about money.

Related titles also become hot pursuits for collectors. For example, Spiderman related titles will also do well in the market especially if they were featured as lead characters in the original Spiderman issues.
2. Look for titles that are not popularly known to the public but are considered valuable to collectors. For example Marvel Legends. Famous illustrators have more than one featured work. Their other comic works will also offer good collectability. Though their other works may not be well known to readers.

3. Remember to buy different covers of one comic book issue.
Some publishers release more than one cover version for a comic book issue to increase market sales.

4. First issues and first appearances are sure to increase in value over time.
Certain comic book titles such as the Amazing Spiderman may offer first appearances, or introduce, other characters. An example would be The Punisher. The worth of these titles is significantly higher than that of others.

5. Look for comic books worth purchasing in different places and events. Certain comic conventions have been held around the globe for collectors. These events offer good deals for certain comic book titles. The most famous of which is the San Diego Comic Convention held in the United States.

Online purchasing could be a viable option. But as with any collecting there are pros and cons to every method of finding comics for your collection. Regarding online purchasing, while convenient, there are down sides to that as well. Not only is comic book condition hard to determine accurately but you’ll now have to deal with additional charges such as shipping.

6. Trading is also a good means of expanding your collection. This is especially true when you have more than one copy of a certain issue. When trading always confirm the value of the comic book you are pursuing. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is a good source for old comic book titles.

7. Be diligent in preserving your comic books. The condition of the comic book will have a strong bearing on its value. Comic book conditions will range from Very Poor to New / Mint. Be sure to assess the condition of the comic books accurately.

NOTE: Collectors may purchase mylar sleeves to preserve or display comic books safely. Stackable book boxes are also available for storing your comic book collection all-together.

“The comic book industry experienced a decline during the 1990s..
Long-time collectors have since become more careful. Reprints of coveted titles such as the original issues of Superman and Captain America have been released in the market. Some bearing labels as first editions.

“Despite the difficulties comic book collecting still attracts a large number of people.”

They do it simply to meet like-minded people. The break-away from the stress of everyday life is just a bonus. Just as how a hobby should be.

Here’s a couple of great urls for you. The first one offers free comic book downloads. The second one tells you where you can find free comic book giveaways around the U.S. Good luck and enjoy.


Best of luck and collect well.

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