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STAR WARS Collectibles

There is a renewed interest in all STAR WARS collectibles.

With the release of the latest feature film in the STAR WARS series a bright new light has been cast on all the existing collectibles out there. This includes the merchandise from all the earlier films as well as all the promotional materials.

The latest film release is no different. In fact it has brought a renewed interest in everything STAR WARS.

I started looking into this just recently after hearing from some of the older merchandise holders out there. They have been collecting figurines since the first film…sometimes inadvertently. They didn’t always seek out the merchandise after a film instalment’s release.

Instead they report being given action-figures as gifts. This usually played out with relatives visiting for holidays or birthday celebrations.

It’s those accidental collections that makes this even more amazing. It’s easy to imagine when you stop to think about it. The scenario goes something like this.

A visiting friend or relative might need to pick up a gift for a child’s birthday party. They maybe ask one of their own children about what is on the ‘cool- radar’.  Or they grab a toy from whatever is hot in pop culture for the day.

STAR WARS would have won on both accounts. It was definitely a hot item when they were first released.

If you are one of the lucky collectors of STAR WARS memorabilia, or film merchandise, you’re more than likely sitting on a small fortune. This is one of those golden situations where collecting can pay off like the lottery.

Most of the feedback I’ve received has been about action figures – the small plastic figurines. In some cases these are still in their original clam-shell packages. Some collectors reporting they have dozens of original unopened packages gathering dust in a box.

Even though I wasn’t into  the STAR WARS collectibles back then I still found myself digging around my storage…just in case. I suggest you do the same.

“I found myself looking at STAR WARS collectibles almost by accident”.

Even small low-quality castings with poor finishes are now sought after.

In fact, sometimes it’s that low quality that gives it its character and collectability. There are different ‘issues’ and series to pay attention to but the time is right to profit on all the related pieces. The timing of the latest film release has ratcheted up values across the board on all merchandise.

If you have been stock-piling boxes of old toys now is the time to treasure-hunt for anything related to any of the films in the series. It’s not unheard of to see some of those earliest action figures trading in the thousands of dollars.

I actually found one example that had been quickly appraised at $8000. Keep in mind the action figures I’m referring to were originally sold for $2 – $3 back in the 1970s.

Okay, that brings up something else as well. I mentioned the timing of all this. Because of the new film’s release the hype is building and the collectors are in a great position to benefit. The less clear picture is this, sometimes the hype can ratchet up appraisals that don’t actually pay off. Anyone can give a quick appraisal.

Until it actually sells that appraisal is just a guess.

We usually see a frenzy of merchandise showing up to be sold or appraised. If there were a rush of items for sale it would be the same as anything being traded and the prices could be affected. I haven’t yet heard of any big sales or high bids at auctions so it’s still a little gray.

Will your pieces actually sell for these crazy amounts?

It’s always possible but it’s too early to tell. It will have a lot to do with what the next buyer is willing to pay – as in any exchange. Still, it doesn’t hurt to think strategically. I don’t think this film franchise is anywhere near ending. Which means even more merchandise will be produced. More merchandise being available can take the steam out of the prices for collectibles.

STAR WARS collectibles are sought-after world-wide.

“So you’ve found an action figure in it’s original packaging …now what?”

You need to take stock of exactly you have. Catalogue every detail including the packaging. If it has an original price sticker make sure to leave it intact.  Take some reference pictures from several angles before putting away safely. Now it’s time to get down to researching your STAR WARS collectibles.

Best of luck and collect well.


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