Collectible Figurines 101

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Collectible Figurines
In collectible figurines 101 we scratch the surface of this fascinating market. I encourage you to look into all the sub-genres of collectible figurines as well. For now, here is an overview.
The earliest of discovered figures were mainly depictions of gods and deities.

Some would be used routinely in religious or for ceremonial purposes. Others were reserved for specific occasions. For example, a figurine of the “pregnant Venus” , given as a gift, implied the wish for a successful fertility, for the recipient.

Another important type of figurine includes the Olmec figurine. The term “Olmec” is used to describe a number of archetypal statuettes produced by inhabitants of Mesoamerica bearing the hallmarks of the Olmec culture. These figurines were made from terracotta, serpentine, nephrite, jade, basalt and other priceless gems.

These collectible figurines could be used for a variety of purposes.

Other types of Olmec figurines are ..

Transformation Figurines
These figurines contained figures transforming from human to animal and vice versa.

Naturalistic Figurines
These include naturalistically portrayed human figures, but with a big face, huge bust or exaggerated legs.

Fetal Style Figurines
These figurines are mainly fetus figures depicting infanticide and infant sacrifices.

By collecting a variety of figurines from different periods you will come to learn about the specific culture, as well as the spirit of that Age.

Figurines of female characters have continued to be very popular.

A great many were created as gifts for wedding ceremonies and other rituals. The figurines could also be used to amuse children, who spent much of their time playing with them as the earliest version of dolls.

Some of these collectible figurines served a secondary purpose.

“With society ever-changing collectible figurines have changed significantly as well.”

While those figurines were predominantly carved from wood or stone, as mold-making technology evolved, you would see figurines being cast in various metals.

We have already mentioned technology and the change in materials used. But the most notable change took hold in the figurine’s stature and theme. It would not be unusual to now find depictions of politicians and royalty.

It’s not unusual to find figurines being produced from an additional array of materials.

We’ve by now all seen plastic, ceramic and crystal and vinyl figurines. The last one being common for children. We are probably all familiar with the term action-figure.

Probably less-known are terms like, inaction-figure or ‘staction-figure’. These are obviously a twist on the word “action”. They are used to refer to figurines without movable parts while action-figures have moveable parts.

In all these cases the collectible figurines are generally depictions of comic book characters and fictional Super Heroes. Each type of figurine has deep sub-categories that are extremely interesting. I will be adding as many articles as possible as time passes.

Best of luck and collect well.


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