Make Money from old Stuff

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Make Money from old Stuff

It’s no secret that you can make money from old stuff.
Whether for reasons of nostalgia or the overall belief that older is better, many of us prefer older tools and hardware. We naturally associate the weight and feel with durability and longevity. You yourself may have used the expression, “they don’t make them like they used to.”

“I’m a big fan of vintage power tools. There’s something about the solid metal casing versus the economical plastic housings you find on today’s tools that’s a big plus for me.”

“To make money from old stuff you first need access to old or interesting stuff.”

Where do you start?
You’ll need to get your hands on your favorite old stuff before you can begin. If you don’t have your own warehouse of inventory then it’s time to go looking for some. The first thing you should do is decide what area, or niche, interests you.

I started many decades ago. It began with auto parts. As a teen I would run home after school to continue working on my first car – a 1968 AMC Javelin SST. I was 14 and too young to drive but I loved that car. I tore into it …removing and replacing pieces, cleaning and rebuilding parts as I progressed.

What’s your Javelin?
The work generated a surplus of parts that I sold off to finance the buying of yet even more parts. I soon learned I could make money selling old tools as well. It happened very naturally and grew organically over the years. So that would be my advice to you.  Discover your own Javelin and jump-off.

Assuming you have your area of interest, the next thing to do is make a list of everything you have good access to. For example, consider your surroundings and geographical location. Are you located near an ocean or desert, or maybe a mountain range? Do a search on EBAY. You’ll be shocked to see what people are paying for natural items such as shells, rocks and small pieces of driftwood.

Regardless of where you are located something is being discarded or overlooked by the locals. Do you reside in a big city, small town or maybe you’re isolated in the country? Are there any recognizable landmarks or industries within travelling distance? People from around the world may collect branded items from those landmarks or industries.

All these questions are simply to get you thinking of opportunities you may have not considered. I mention auto parts as being my jumping-off point but over the years I’ve deviated into many areas. That happens as your interests change or new opportunities arise.

Years ago I worked near a large open quarry. I had access for a period of about two months. I made full use of that access by collecting pieces of rock that contained fossils.

And there were tons of fossils to find after blasting. I sold them as pieces for gardens. Knowing what I know now I could have spun it even farther my making molds and selling the casts – that’s another story.

Surprisingly you can make money from old stuff.

Think big-picture.
When I started, all my buying and selling was done through classified ads in newsprint. I would have to phone-in the ad copy every Tuesday. It would show up in print by Friday that same week.

Then all responses were through the single phone line in the house – without an answering machine. Today with an internet connection, email and the smart phone the frustrating part is taken care of.

So, wherever you are located I can almost guarantee you are in a position to make money from old stuff somehow. I will continue to add articles outlining several ideas I’ve used. In the meantime grab yourself a journal or notebook, and do some brainstorming.

Best of luck and collect well.


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