“Thanks for checking out the EBAY auction page.”

Hi everyone …

The idea behind this page was to bring you more variety for your collecting. It doesn’t cost you anything to check them out so click away. The only costs involved are your bid values. It costs nothing extra to use this page view. I routed some popular collectible themes for you to compare prices and so forth.

As you can see it’s mostly comic books and comic book collectibles. It may include framed or autographed artwork and maybe even figurines. These are live listings so it works the same as a regular EBAY listing.

I have limited space so I’ll continue re-arranging and changing items as the feedback continues. Since comics continue to be a popular area I’ll keep looking for comic-related items. But for now have a look at what people are listing on Ebay.

This is a great source of prices too when it comes time to sell your items. If you do a search for something similar to what you are selling you’ll find a range of prices usually. You will have to compare features of each with the features of the one you have. This is about the only way to analyze a strong price.

There are some more loose criteria as well. That includes the level of experience on the part of the seller in any particular transaction. Newer sellers typically tend to set their asking prices extremely high. They may not realize this is an activity you get involved with for the long term. Your prices can be firm but should also be reasonable.

Thanks for visiting today. as always, your readership is greatly appreciated.

P.S. I’ll also have some new articles ready soon so check back when you have a few minutes to spare.

I can also be found on Ebay under my user name “smokin-monkey.” …since 2004.