This site is all about providing you with information on collecting and collectibles. And ultimately making cash from your collections.

Like all website owners I thoroughly enjoy my topic. I enjoy dealing with people and all the crazy stuff.

I’m also a lifelong writer. I enjoy the writing part so much it seems strange to think of this as work. But unfortunately websites cost real money no matter how much we enjoy the process.

There are fees for registration and hosting. And writing time has to be made up for at a paying job.

This disclosure page is meant to shed some light on how I offset some of those costs.

You’ll see advertiser’s links placed throughout the site. They’re for products I felt may be of interest to you.
Currently the advertisers on the site include Ebay, CBproAds and Clickbank.

That may change from time to time and I’ll reflect those changes here in the disclosure page.

So how does it all work?

When a visitor clicks on one of the links they are shown the advertiser’s product or service. If they continue on to make a purchase I would receive a commission.

Does this commission cost the visitor anything?

No siree! It doesn’t cost a thing for the visitor. Well, unless they make a purchase. But even then the link may offer a promotional code available only through that particular link.

Which could mean an even better bargain for the visitor.

So what do I get?

Like I said earlier, I would get a commission. It could be anything from a few cents to a few dollars. But before you think this is a road to riches let me pass on a few facts.

The average healthy site may get between 1-2.5 % clicks on advertisements. Put another way for every one hundred visitors between one and three may click an ad.

Those that complete a sale are even fewer. So this is far from easy money.

But for website creators anything is something when it comes to keeping a site alive.

Hopefully this sheds some light on how it all works.

As always I’m grateful for your readership. All visits help especially with ranking. And like I said, anything is something. Thanks again and please like and share my articles.

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