Collectibles as Gifts

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Collectibles as Gifts
Christmas is a perfect occasion to introduce collectibles as gifts to friends and family. The first thing that comes to mind for me is a starter kit. Starter kits for future stamp collectors or coin collectors are probably the most obvious.

The starter kits usually consist of the simplest tools, containers and tongs or soft gloves. You may also find a small manual or guide book as a quick introduction.

Just because your collectible of choice may not have a commercial starter-kit available doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. You could create your own pseudo-starter kit for anything. With some research, a little patience and a whole lot of determination, you could source and gather just about anything nowadays.

Another quick thought on the idea of a starter kit: look for a DVD on the topic and include it. If that’s not available the next best thing is to include a web address for information and video online.

How does one go about giving collectibles as gifts?

Not only is this a personalized gift but, in the case of children, what a great way to lessen their dependence on electronics and video games for entertainment. While it may seem there are not a lot of choices, for non-electronic entertainment, the opposite is actually true.

Do a quick search for vintage board games or  retro toys. You will be surprised to see what is still available. Not only are these some of the best games and toys for developing hand-eye coordination but they are also highly collectible.

Print some research that you find and label it as a manual or intro-guide. This has all the makings of an extremely memorable gift for someone special.
Your first step would be to decide on an area the recipient may be interested in. You have some questions to ask.

Do they have an interest in building or tools? Are they fascinated by automobiles or model cars? Are they the outdoor type?

They may be the type of personality that craves quiet reflection. Is it the creative process like drawing or photography that piques their curiosity?

Decide on something age appropriate as well. Make sure whatever you decide on is a good match for their level of skill and interest. No sense introducing them to something so complicated that they lose interest within days.

I imagine this is much more difficult with someone not directly related to you. In that case talk to family or friends of the intended recipient. If that’s not possible you may have to use your best judgement.

“Christmas collectibles as gifts sound like a perfect fit”.

For the reader or quiet thinker: why not give someone some first-edition books? They could be anything from classic cookbooks to comics. The topic chosen would be the goal of your research.

If you have a builder or contractor in your life why not give them retro or vintage tools? If you can’t find anything suitable you could always look for a book depicting retro or vintage tools.

The artist, the cook, the sports person, musician etc: these all have possibilities for collectibles associated with them. Even if they don’t you could always improvise with a little research.

One thing is for certain, collectibles as gifts can be a unique and interesting approach to an otherwise routine tradition.

Best of luck and collect well.


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