Why Antique collecting

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Antique Collecting
You don’t need to wonder why antique collecting is so popular.

Like most collections there is no one-single reason for their growth in popularity. People collect antiques for many different reasons. So it’s natural to hear different views.

So just why is antique collecting is getting so much love lately?

1. Some people collect antiques because they hold sentimental value.

Here’s are some comments, for example, “I own a ceramic parrot and a cupboard given as gifts from my grandparents. As well as a very old doll given to me by my great aunt”.

2. My in-laws had previously owned an antique business which they set up for sales and auctions.
Their basement was always filled with a treasure trove of fascinating and interesting items. They could tell you the market-price of any item in the basement. They loved restoring the old pieces. Not so much for profit but simply because they gained satisfaction from doing so.

3.My relatives enjoy antique collecting. Especially board games and old books.

One of their favorite collections are old Tiddly Winks games. They have now collected different editions from all over the world.

4. Antique lovers enjoy the chase more than anything. They enjoy searching through second hand stores and antique shops. Sometimes those searches take them country-wide in search of that next unusual item.

5. Some people look for antiques as a fun activity, seldom buying anything.
They simply enjoy looking at what different areas of the country have the offer. It can be entertaining searching through antique stores.

6. Sometimes people want to furnish their home utilizing antiques.
Antiques of different time periods will often work well together to create a beautiful home.

7. There are others who deal the in buying and selling of antiques. They know the value of pretty much everything. Their collection strategy would be to buy low and sell high. These folks may have a fondness for antiques but are focused mainly on the profits.

8. Socializing and bonding with others is also important.For a lot of people, especially antique hunters, you could quote the adage, “no man is an island.” We have a strong need to associate with others that share our interests.

Antique hunting and collecting is no different. Like most collectors we enjoy sharing our stories of success. And the stories of successful antique collecting makes a success of us.

“Antique collecting can lead to new interests. This can often become niche collecting.”

9. It can make us into pseudo-experts.Collecting can bring us a new sense of confidence and importance. It may bring us a renewed identity through our new-found expertise.

10. It can also take us deeper into specific niches. Through new discoveries we encounter we may discover a sense of fascination and wonder that will open our lives up even further.

So, when people ask why antique collecting has become so popular just tell them to look around. Antiques bridge generations and historical events. It bonds people of different ages. Collecting antiques can be a wonderfully enriching experience with many reasonable entry levels for different areas.

Best of luck and collect well.

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What’s my Sports Memorabilia Worth

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Sports Memorabilia
Perhaps the most important factor in determining the worth of your sports memorabilia is athlete popularity. Merchandise branded with the name of a highly regarded sports hero will in turn command higher prices for that particular piece of merchandise.

A name like Tiger Woods, for example, would increase the value of sports collectibles overnight. The value of golf memorabilia, by the way, has increased tremendously since Tiger Woods has been on the circuit.

There have been many other athletes who have left their mark on a particular sport.
I remember the days when every kid in the school yard had a stack of baseball cards bundled with a rubber band. The point being that baseball and hockey cards dominated the sports collectible market in the 60s.

“Supply and demand factors heavily into the value of any sports memorabilia.”

Today you are just as likely to find those same kids with an autograph collection, vinyl figurines or wearing the numbered jersey of their favorite athlete.

Across the country sports clubs and organizations engage in various activities to give more exposure to their athletes. All in the hopes of enhancing the value of their branded memorabilia.

Consider also the popularity of the sport itself.
Research has shown that football, basketball, golf and NASCAR are some of the most popular sports. Not to say other sports are not popular but in terms of sports memorabilia value you have to consider viewer involvement.

There are other issues to consider as well.
While their influence may be in varying degrees they still play a role. For example, the origins of one sport may be more story-worthy than another. Some sports may be quite young while some could have historical significance. Geography may play a role in sports.

A good example would be skiing. Unless one moves to a area dominated by winter sport there may be little or no interest in winter sports memorabilia.

So when you think in terms of  value consider all facets of the particular sport.
There are very few people who show enthusiasm for every sport. While marketers must work harder to capture a collector’s attention the ones that are interested are highly targeted.

Marketing will increase the collectability of sports memorabilia.

So the value is highly dependent upon the sport, the athlete, the availability, the supply and demand and where the item is located.

Also to be considered is the  availability, or rarity, of the merchandise itself. But at the end of the day any sports memorabilia is worth simply what the highest bidder is willing to pay.

Best of luck and collect well.


“Links in this post may be affiliate links. By clicking + purchasing I would receive a commission.”

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