<h1>How to collect Pewter Figurines</h1>

How to collect Pewter Figurines

Children often enjoy collecting items just as much as adults do. They may want to... 

<h1>Make Cash for collecting Coins</h1>

Make Cash for collecting Coins

Coin collecting is referred to as the Hobby of Kings. Different from money hoarding,... 

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<h1>Why Antique collecting</h1>

Why Antique collecting

You don’t need to wonder why antique collecting is so popular. Like most collections... 

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ROLEX Watches

ROLEX has been no less than visionary. When someone mentions luxury time-pieces you immediately think of ROLEX watches. But it’s not that simple, it goes way beyond luxury. In fact it’s a fascinating story of cutting edge engineering and dedication to a philosophy of perfection. Rolex has been no less than visionary. Even as I write this... [Read more of this article]

Buying and selling Stamps

The very first postage stamp ever produced was by Britain, in 1840. The image depicted was that of Queen Victoria, and was referred to as the “Penny Black”. Within the twenty years following it’s introduction, stamp dealers and stamp collectors numbered in the thousands. Buying and selling stamps became commonplace. And a new hobby... [Read more of this article]

Hummels Collectables for Gifts

When looking for a fine quality gift it’s good to know a little about the history of the company. This is particularly true when you are looking at Hummels collectables for gifts. Collectibles are wonderful for giving, especially during the holidays. Many fine collectible companies have gifts that are designed to commemorate the Christmas season... [Read more of this article]

7 Tips for Comic Book Collecting

The long list of items people collect includes both familiar and unfamiliar. Some common choices are coins, stamps, lighters and pocket knives. Even then there are choices that rise to the top in popularity. When it comes to comic book collecting the sky really is the limit. Comic book collecting first gained momentum during the 1960s. Comics have continued... [Read more of this article]

How to Collect Sports Memorabilia

How to collect sports memorabilia is something many new collectors are interested in. They see some of the crazy prices these objects are going for. To answer that we need to think about the basics. Right away most people think of baseball or football memorabilia. But there are many other sports that provide an avenue for collectors. NASCAR racing... [Read more of this article]

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